Clue The Movie/John Morris

March 21, 2011

main title clue

may i present clue (1)

One of the more unusual ideas ever presented on the silver screen was the 1985 film Clue, a comedy based on the board game from Parker Bros., with three separate endings. It starred Eileen Brennan, Madeline Kahn, Christopher Lloyd, and Lesley Ann Warren and was directed by Jonathan Lynn. The film has enjoyed a fair amount of success over the years. According to the liner notes writer Daniel Schweiger it became a cult film on cable television. Surprisingly this is a board game I’ve never played so I was at a disadvantage as far as the film was concerned. Nevertheless I enjoyed watching it.

Having recently completed reviewing another Christie type story Ordeal by Innocence

And being quite surprised by the style of the soundtrack I was not surprised at all by this one. It was definitely what I was expecting to hear much more along the lines of say a Miss Marple type of music.

John Morris quite successfully integrated just the right combination of electronics with the traditional orchestra and created a fun listening experience. It has a ‘stuck in your head’ kind of melody that you’ll find yourself humming long after you’ve turned off your CD player. I’ve included a clip so that you can fully appreciate what I’m talking about. This theme is included in several tracks as well as the “End Title in a typical modern orchestral arrangement. This wasn’t used in the film as “Shake Rattle and Roll” was substituted. “May I Present Mr. Boddy” isn’t fun at all but a true terror track that could easily have been from a serious melodrama. I was reminded of Herrmann with the long ominous sounding notes from the lower strings and quivering from the violins. No spoofy music here at all.

The bonus titles seven of them stood out for this reviewer as each one was quite a little different take on the original. “Miss Scarlet/Car in Progress” really has a completely different feel to it without the electronics. It sounds like it could easily be an extended sound bumper for a television show. “Peacock at Door” could very easily be mistaken for a fanfare for a film. The four different main titles present the theme with piano, without electronics, and with more electronics. Listen to the main title in the two different end title cues with and without the electronic beat and the flavor of the film completely changes. Overall I like this score and I think you would too if you like your music on the lighter side with a sprinkle of terror here and there. Recommended

This release is limited to 3000 pressings so at some point it will sell out and likely not be pressed again so take advantage sooner rather than later. As it is from 1985 it is stereo and a clean mastering. Liner notes were informative from Daniel.

La La Land #LLLCD1154

Track listing

1. Main Title/Trees to Dogs (03:11)

2. Mrs. White (00:46)

3. Miss Scarlet*/Car in Progress (01:46)

4. May I Present Mr. Boddy (01:49)

5. I Suggest We All Leave/Fight, You Bastard/Hallway Screaming Next Door (01:16)

6. Bag in Hall (02:45)

7. The Cook Chase/Boddy’s Fall/We’ll Throw It Away (00:52)

8. Stranger at Front Door/Match Cutting*/People in Hall (02:37)

9. Mrs. Peacock and Plum/Death Bridge/Bridge, White & Wadsworth/Billiard Cue Grab/Go Together (01:53)

10. I’ll Search the Kitchen/Desk, Fire, Weapons/Let’s Try the Conservatory/I’ve Had a Good Life (02:04)

11. Door Pounding to Chandelier Fall (01:32)

12. Gun, Cupboard, Doorbell/Cop Panics (01:14)

13. Yvette Upstairs to Bell (01:32)

14. Step by Step – Intro/Step by Step (02:08)

15. Remember What Happened Next – Part I, II, III/Don’t You See? Look! – Part I, II, III (01:59)

16. I’ll Get to That/Beatnik (01:14)

17. Ending A: Your Fatal Mistake/I Shot Her/Cavalry (02:32)

18. Ending B: Yvette to We All Ran to Her/To Check That Mr. Boddy Was Dead/Who, Who, Who/Cavalry (01:36)

19. Ending C: Top to You Were/Peacock at Door (01:07)

20. End Title* (03:01)


21. Main Title [Alternate Version #1] (01:30)

22. Miss Scarlet/Car in Progress [Alternate Version] (01:47)

23. Main Title [Alternate Version #2] (01:32)

24. Peacock at Door [Alternate Version] (00:32)

25. Main Title [Alternate Version #3] (01:40)

26. End Title [Shorter Version] (01:40)

27. Main Title [Alternate Version #4] (01:50)

* – not used in film

Total Duration: 00:47:25


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