The Black Raven (1943)

March 15, 2011

Doesn’t the name The Black Raven along with film star George Zucco indicate this is indeed a horror movie? It also had Glenn ‘Frankenstein’ Strange so naturally I assumed the wrong thing. It was a comical drama with people being killed off left and right for who has the 50,000 that the bank teller stole, a bumbling Andy (Glenn Strange) and a stupid detective Charles ‘Laurel and Hardy’ Middleton. Add some love theme, a racket man, and a convict and you have it. Given a better script and a slightly higher budget from Producers Releasing Corporation this could have been an adequate ‘B’ movie. Stanford Jolley, Byron Foulger, and Noel Madison are all familiar faces as  character actors.David Chudnow used recycled music but I added an audio clip. This film is available on the archives internet as well as Alpha Video for nearly  no cost. Hard to recommend, sorry.


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