The Corpse Vanishes (1942)

February 1, 2011

The countess, played by Elizabeth Russell(Curse of the Cat People and The 7th Victim), needs injections so she can stay young looking. Dr. Lorenz, or master played by Bela Lugosi, drugs newly wed brides with the smell of a rare orchid so he can take some of their blood and give it to the countess so she can stay beautiful. The odd couple sleep in coffins even though they are not vampires. He is helped by a mother of a mentally retarded giant and a dwarf. Add a reporter who figures out what the weapon is and a rather gullible doctor and you have the story. Director Wallace Fox, who spent his career doing Monogram ‘B’ pictures and television did little to enhance the Harvey Gates screenplay who is best known for the “Werewolf of London” starring Warner Oland and Henry Hull. Considering the low budget the film moved along quickly and provided a minimum amount of suspense. I could think of far worse ways to spend 64 minutes. The film was scored with an above average amount of music by Charles Dunworth who never received any credit for the 19 pictures he did.  He actually helped enhance a couple of scenes. For trivia people this film was part of the “Monogram 9.”  I’ve included two audio cues. The main title and a scene where the cub reporter is looking for clues. While the quality of the transfer is only fair it could be purchased for $1.00 a real bargain for a Lugosi movie.

Available on Alpha 4034D from

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