Rhapsody for Cello and Orchestra, Op. 3/Rozsa

January 30, 2011

After 71 years, Rhapsody for Cello and Orchestra (Naxos 8.572285), his first published work written in 1929 is being given its world premiere performance. Like many of his classical works the material reflects the sounds and landscape of his homeland, Hungary. Even at this early age of 22 his sound and the way he developed his material we’re already taking place.


The fifteen minute work begins with a solo introduction from the Cello giving us an uncomplicated version of the main motives that will be fully developed in the two part single movement Rhapsody. The cello briefly gives way to the flute and very soft strings before the Cello returns with the full orchestra in a yearning but disturbing passage. The Cello continues this time offering more complexity as it offers combination after combination, developing but never repeating itself.


For an early work from a classical composer this is certainly not in the category of a youth composition done for exercise, far from it. While the Cello passages are not complex and certainly not a showcase for Yo-Yo Ma it is an especially exciting to hear a work never heard before from a favorite soundtrack/classical composer. The theme is so well developed that on each listen you’ll get more and more from this forgotten material.


The work is performed well by the Budapest Symphony with the Cello being played by Mark Kosower. Yet again this is a good example of Hungarian music being performed well by their fellow countrymen. Also included on the CD are Overture to a Symphony Concert, Three Hungarian Sketches, and Hungarian Nocturne.


Track Listing:


Overture to a Symphony Concert, Op. 26a (revised version)

1.                 Overture to a Symphony Concert, Op. 26a (revised version) 00:09:27

Rhapsody, Op. 3

2.                 Rhapsody, Op. 3 00:15:07

Notturno ungherese, Op. 28

3.                 Notturno ungherese, Op. 28 00:10:02

3 Hungarian Sketches, Op. 14a

4.                 No. 1. Capriccio 00:05:20

5.                 No. 2. Pastorale 00:08:25

6.                 No. 3. Danza 00:08:18


Total Playing Time: 00:56:39









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