December 23, 2010

01 – 01 Main Title

The Closet

11 – 11 Born To Have It All

12 – 12 I Never Dreamed

Brian De Palma found himself with a huge hit when he decided to turn the Stephen King novel into a film for the silver screen. The 1.8 million dollar investment turned into nearly 50 million dollars as the audiences flocked to see this film. Spacek, Travolta, Irving, Laurie, and others turned this into a must see film with Cissy and Piper getting Oscar nominations. It isn’t often that a horror movie get’s any sort of Oscar consideration at all, but this was an exception to the rule.

Pino Donaggio, a veteran today of over 170 films, had only a couple under his belt at the time, and this film allowed his career to take off. He went on to do other films with De Palma such as Dressed to Kill, Home Movies and Body Double, as well as films Piranha, and The Howling for Joe Dante.

After seeing the film when it first came out in 1976 at the theater and falling in love with the main theme, I ordered the United Artist LP #LA716-H and promptly wore it out. The original album is CD2 on this limited edition 1200 copy release from Kritzerland #KR20017-5. The CD1 includes all of the soundtrack material in order with additional bonus cues. CD2 is out of order as far as the film goes but 30+ years is a habit hard to break so listening in order was really out of order as far as I was concerned. Now I have a choice and can listen either way, a good thing when it comes to our expanded releases.

On first listen “Main Title/Theme from Carrie,” “Someone Like Me,” and “Born To Have It All,” certainly doesn’t sound like anything remotely close to a horror movie. The main title is soft and slow moving with a long solo piano introduction followed by the “Born To Have It All” theme played eloquently on the flute. This is really quite relaxing and very easy on the ears. The two vocals sung by Katie Irving were tunes that hopefully would turn out to be pop hits with the younger teenage crowd and would enhance the film sales even further. “And God Made Eve,” as well as “Mother At The Top Of The Stairs” is a funeral tempo reality check letting the listener and the audience know there is a lot more to this story. Melodic but depressing. “School in Flames” offers the creepy horror side of the soundtrack with the use of a generated tone from a synthesizer or electronic test equipment along with wind sound effects and long single notes from the lower strings. Pino certainly made his point loud and clear with this track! This is a track to consider playing for Halloween when giving out the candy. The Closet: San Sebastian makes a reference to Psycho (clip included).

Remember that there are only 1200 available so it is important to act sooner rather than later. This is a fine score from Pino and one that shouldn’t be passed up. Give Bruce another ‘A’ for finding and releasing this little gem. Recommended.

Kritzerland KR20017-5

Track listing

Disc/Cassette 1

1.       Main Title (02:49)

2.       The Principal’s Office/The Ashtray (01:35)

3.       Margaret Comes Home/The Telephone Call (02:26)

4.       The Closet: St. Sebastian/The Mirror/The Reflection (01:24)

5.       Calisthenics (01:15)

6.       The Card Catalogue/Telekinesis (01:17)

7.       Carrie and Miss Collins (01:49)

8.       The Slaughter/The Storm/

Outside the Gym/Margaret Prays (01:33)

9.       The Tuxedo Shop (01:30)

10.     Waiting for Tommy/Tommy Arrives (00:55)

11.     Born to Have It All (03:02)

vocal by Kate Irving

12.     I Never Dreamed Someone Like You

Could Love Someone Like Me (04:07)

vocal by Kate Irving

13.     The Ballot/Carrie and Tommy/The Conspirators (02:12)

14.     The Coronation/The Blood (05:24)

15.     The Retribution (03:07)

16.     Carrie Returns Home (03:38)

17.     The Bath/Carrie and Margaret (01:04)

18.     The Crucifixion (02:47)

19.     The House (01:35)

20.     The Dream/The Nightmare/End Titles (05:04)

Bonus Tracks

21.     Born to Have It All (instrumental version) (03:02)

22.     I Never Dreamed Someone Like You

Could Love Someone Like Me (instrumental version) (05:37)

Total Disc Time: 58:22

Disc/Cassette 2

1.       Theme from Carrie (02:51)

2.       I Never Dreamed Someone Like You

Could Love Someone Like Me (03:09)

vocal by Kate Irving

3.       And God Made Eve (02:02)

4.       At the Prom (01:54)

5.       Contest Winners (02:45)

6.       Born to Have It All (03:02)

vocal by Kate Irving

7.       Bucket of Blood (02:42)

8.       School in Flames (03:08)

9.       Mother at the Top of the Stairs (03:40)

10.     For the Last Time We’ll Pray (02:41)

11.     Collapse of Carrie’s Home (01:36)

12.     Sue’s Dream (02:16)

13.     Theme from Carrie (01:00)

Total Disc Time: 33:19

Total Duration: 01:29:58


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