Steig Larrson’s Millennium Trilogy/Groth

September 12, 2010

With sales exceeding thirty million copies Stieg Larsson’s trilogy of books has captured the attention of the entire world. All published posthumously, Steig wrote as a hobby to divert his mind from the constant political death threats he was under due to his political convictions. He has the honor of being the first author to have sold one million e-books on Amazon. All three novels have been filmed in Sweden and the US will release The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo starring Daniel Craig in 2011. In addition there is a Swedish television series, plans to complete the fourth novel Larsson was working on, and there are also outlines for six more stories.

My first experience with Jacob Groth, a Danish film composer was his extremely sad and dark score to the film The Boys from St. Petri (1991) which offered a memorable main theme used throughout, one that I remember to this day. The release consists of material from the television series as well as music from the three films. The opening track, the television theme is eerie as well as depicting the complex character of Salander. It is loud, very percussive, and electronic something my golden ears aren’t use to listening to. “Blomkvist,” the other main character, is portrayed in a similar fashion but even darker and mysterious with more of a spotlight on the strings and less on the electronic percussion material. There is a strong sense of urgency in the music. Misen Larsen sings the theme “Would Anybody Die for Me,” Goth-rock from The Girl Who Played with Fire specially remixed for the movie. Apparently this song is aimed at a much younger generation and I’m sure you’ll like it if you’re interested in this genre.

Having only seen one of the trilogies, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, I can say that the material fits well into the film. This is a score that fans of the books, television series, and films will take a liking to. While I found the underscore tracks such as “The Scheme” and “Running Out Of Time” interesting as a listen it wouldn’t be material that I would want to revisit. However, keep in mind that this is a long way from a Max Steiner score, something this reviewer is quite comfortable with. I’m always willing to give new material a try, something I’m accused of not doing but I really make the effort. I may say “some music I don’t understand” but I do try. If you like the films you’ll like the music of Jacob Groth. It fits the dark plots well.

Performed by The Slovak National Orchestra conducted by Allan Wilson

CD# is SILCD 1331

Track listing:

1. Millennium (Main TV Theme) (3:08)

2. Blomkvist (4:34)

3. Would Anybody Die For Me? (Version 2) (3:24)

4. The Scheme (4:26)

5. Running Out Of Time (3:03)

6. Fire (2:13)

7. Abuse (4:37)

8. More Secrets – Palmgren (3:42)

9. Zala Collage (3:53)

10. The Return of Salander (5:32)

11. Another Goodbye (2:23)

Total Time is 41:12


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  1. Jacob Says:

    Hi, I´m looking for letter of would anybody die for me, could you send me this by email? regards

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