Shostakovich Film Series Volume 4

August 6, 2010

Continuing in their series of releasing previously released Russian Disc recordings of Dmitiri Shostakovich Lady and the Hooligan (Delos DRD 2004) is a creative compilation of previously written material by Shostakovich by composer Levon Atovmyan. For whatever reason DRD 2003, the third in the series and includes Man With the Gun and Passer-by will be released in November of 2010. Like Hollywood, Atovmyan used source music from the Ballet Suites (No. 2 is included in this CD), the ballets The Bolt and Limpid Stream, chamber works, and his score from the film The Gadfly. A plus can certainly be given to Levon as an arranger/orchestrator. Created by Leningrad playwright A. Belinsky and choreographed by K. Boyarsky, the seldom performed work premiered in Leningrad in 1962. A love story in seven episodes the tragic story tells of a thug who first terrorizes and later defends and dies for his love. The varied score is like a film score filled with the typical tragic stoic Russian material but also includes some rather modern sounding polka, tango, and other dance music that has the sound of a Broadway play albeit it still has the Russian flavor to it. The fifty plus minute work is divided into 14 different cues that make for a pleasant listening experience. Like the previous releases The Lady and the Hooligan was remastered from 1994 Russian Disc recording. The remastering of the original recording while not exceptional is a pleasant listening experience and seems to be performed and conducted well. I say seems because this is my first experience with and likely the only recording that will ever be done of this work. I enjoyed this that it will be a CD that I’ll return to from time to time to relisten. You won’t be lulled to sleep as the tragic parts are mixed with the dance material.

The Ballet Suite No.2, written in 1951, while not for a specific ballet or film is similar in style and orchestration to The Lady and the Hooligan; in fact part of the “Adagio” (Track Twelve) is used. This is a fairly simple easy to listen to work consisting of a galop, polka, waltz, and romantic material. I like it because just when your ears settle into one style of material it changes to another and another. Again I found this a pleasant listening experience.

The Lady and the Hooligan (Ballet in One Act) (1962)

1. Introduction (6:33)

2. Street (1:47)

3. The Hooligan (2:21)

4. The Lady (3:33)

5. School (2:41)

6. Prayer (3:00)

7. Tavern (5:06)

8. Visions (3:39)

9. Scene (2:25)

10. Promenade in Park (1:45)

11. (Allegro) (1:24)

12. (Adagio) (7:52)

13. Fight (2:04)

14. Finale (7:20

Ballet Suite No. 2 (1951)

15. Waltz (2:07)

16. Adagio (7:49)

17. Polka (2:12)

18. Sentimental Romance (3:22)

19. Spring Waltz (1:53)

20. Finale Galop (3:14)

Total Time=72:10


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