Definitive Horror Music Collection/Various

October 17, 2009


With a release date of October 13, 2009, just in time for Halloween this year, Silva has put together a 4 CD set covering a time period from 1922-2009. Including the very latest “Drag Me To Hell” (2009) from Christopher Young to the classic “Nosferatu” (1922) a silent film with music adapted by Hammer horror specialist James Bernard, 87 years are covered with over 276 minutes of material being offered. Can you call it The Definitive Horror Music Collection when it includes selections such as the love theme from “The Mummy,” “Zodiac” or the elegiac “Let The Right One In” to name just three? The 13+ minute “King Kong” (2005) suite is nicely performed by Fitzpatrick and the City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra and a pleasant listening experience but except for a couple of very short sections is this really horror music? I don’t think so. On the other hand scary material such as “Horror of Dracula,” “The Omen,” and “The Devil Rides Out” are included. There is a nice selection from “The Bride of Frankenstein,” titles featuring John Carpenter films, “Saw,” and Young’s “Hellraiser” which do qualify as horror music. What do you do? If your looking at this as a must have horror collection I’d say pass. But if you look at the set as a very nice 4-½ hour compilation of soundtracks it is certainly worth a serious look. If you own previously released Silva material you should look carefully at what is offered and what you might have as some of the material has been previously released. If you’re relatively new to collecting this could be a very nice way to get highlights from films you’ve seen such as “King Kong” without having to invest in a CD of all the material. Of course you also have the option of downloading only the tracks you’re interested in.

While previously released many years ago, the real treat of this collection, in the opinion of this reviewer, is the James Bernard horror material. “Horror of Dracula” has some of the best suspense/horror music as well as one of the finer chase music ever written. When Van Helsing is being chased by Dracula this is definitely a case where the music makes the scene all that much better. In addition, there is also material from “The Devil Rides Out,” “Dracula, Prince of Darkness,” and some pretty good material in “Horrors of the Black Museum,” composed by Gerard Schurmann. If you’re into the synthesizer there are several selections of material performed by Gareth Williams, Mark Ayres, and Nick Watson. In conclusion, this is one that should be looked at carefully if you’re interested in compilation CD’s. You might want to purchase with some duplication or just download selected tracks. The overall value from Silva is a good one at less than $10.00 per CD. There are no liner notes.

Produced by James Fitzpatrick, David Wishart, and Rick Clark

Mastering by Gareth Williams and Rick Clark

Silva CD# is SILCD1288

Track Listing:

Disc 1

1. Drag Me to Hell – End Titles 7:16

2. Twilight – Edward At Her Bed / Bella’s Lullaby 3:33

3. Let the Right One In (Låt den rätte komma in) – Eli’s Theme 2:42

4. Cloverfield – Roar! 5:36

5. Sunshine – Adagio in D Minor 4:27

6. Zodiac – Graysmith’s Theme 2:56

7. Dexter 1:44

8. Pan’s Labyrinth – The Labyrinth 4:03

9. King Kong – Suite 13:47

10. War Of The Worlds – Suite 7:29

11. Saw – Hello Zep 3:01

12. 28 Days Later – In The House-In A Heartbeat 4:21

13. The Ring – This Is Going To Hurt 2:51

14. The Mummy Returns – Main Theme 5:25

15. Hannibal – Vide Cor Meum 3:03

Disc 2

1. The Mummy – The Sand Volcano / Love Theme 2:55

2. Sleepy Hollow – End Titles 3:13

3. The Haunting – The Carousel / End Titles 2:55

4. The Sixth Sense – Malcolm Is Dead 5:22

5. Buffy The Vampire Slayer 1:06

6. Village Of The Damned – March Of The Children 6:35

7. Bram Stoker’s Dracula – The Storm 4:24

8. Army Of Darkness – Prologue and Building The Deathcoaster 4:32

9. The Witches Of Eastwick – Dance Of The Witches 4:37

10. Predator (Edit) 3:59

11. Hellraiser Suite 5:55

12. Hellbound: Hellraiser II Suite 8:44

13. They Live 3:25

14. Aliens – Prelude / Ripley’s Rescue 5:55

15. Ghostbusters – Main Theme 3:14

Disc 3

1. Nightmare On Elm Street – Main Theme 4:16

2. Christine – Bad To The Bone 4:56

3. Poltergeist – Main Theme 4:21

4. The Thing 4:31

5. Halloween II – Main Theme 4:33

6. The Fog 4:00

7. Dressed To Kill – The Gallery 6:04

8. The Shining – Music For Strings, Percussion and Celesta (excerpt) 7:02

9. Dracula – Main Titles & Storm 4:56

10. Phantasm Main Theme 4:00

11. Alien – The Nostromo / End Title 3:46

12. Halloween – Main Theme (Mix 1) 2:39

13. The Fury 2:55

14. Suspiria 6:05

15. Exorcist II: The Heretic – Regan’s Theme 2:40

Disc 4

1. The Omen – Suite For Choir And Orchestra 3:56

2. Young Frankenstein – Transylvanian Lullaby 4:09

3. The Exorcist – Tubular Bells 6:02

4. Duel – The Café / Truck Attack 5:09

5. Taste The Blood Of Dracula – The Young Lovers / Ride To The Ruined Church 6:27

6. Rosemary’s Baby – Lullaby 2:42

7. Twisted Nerve Suite 5:35

8. The Devil Rides Out – The Power Of Evil 2:04

9. Dracula, Prince Of Darkness – Suite 5:07

10. The Haunting – The History Of Hill House 4:36

11. Dracula – Main Title & Finale 7:30

12. Horrors of the Black Museum 3:34

13. The Thing From Another World – Main Theme 2:06

14. Bride Of Frankenstein – Creation Of The Female Monster 8:43

15. Nosferatu Overture 3:03

Total Time – 276:32


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