You Must Remember This Too/Nestor

July 17, 2009


nestorYou Must Remember This Too is a second installment of film music for classical guitar performed by Gregg Nestor and other musicians depending on the composition, although the primary instrument is acoustic guitar. Gregg released The Miklos Rozsa Collection (BSX 8842) in 2008, which definitely got my attention and wet my appetite for more material. He performed Rozsa in a way I’ve never quite imagined. Many of his choices couldn’t be put into the standard fare category for a compilation of film music material and yet all of the selections are most satisfying, especially given the target market that Gregg is looking for.

Leading off this unusual program is the wild wacky Oscar nominated It’s A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World, a composition which always brings a smile to my face and this arrangement for two guitars is no different. One of the themes I just couldn’t imagine being done on a guitar (no more), is the Oscar nominated score All About Eve. The dynamic duo seems to cover all the bases on this one. Another Oscar nominee, Wuthering Heights, is given a lush romantic treatment and is definitely a track to be played during those quiet moments after a long day at work. Suite In The Olden Style is a collection of Rozsa compositions for guitar, flute, oboe, and cello in a baroque style. Rozsa fans will recognize the themes from his films Madame Bovary, Moonfleet, V.I.P.S., Diane, and Young Bess. Liken this suite to another composer, Korngold, who also used his themes in his classical works.

I can assure you that you’ll never hear anything again quite like the performance of the Psycho suite for 2 guitars. I took the time to listen to the Salonen/L.A. Philharmonic version 

, one of my favorite recordings just to get the feel for the score again and then re-listened to what Nestor did and I was certainly impressed. The Tiomkin material in the A Presidents Country really lends itself to the harmonica playing of David McKelvy, who nicely performs Red River, Duel in the Sun, Giant, Gunfight at the O.K. Corral, Rawhide, High Noon, and Alamo.




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