Performing Music

November 18, 2008

One of the nice things today about listening and collecting soundtracks is the fellowship of hobbyist’s that I’ve become involved with the past few years, a direct result of Internet access. Since we are really such a small group many of us have become pretty close and although I’ve never personally met but a small handful of you I feel like I know you as well as a neighbor. The occasional squabble occurs, but until the web there was little if any conversation about my interest in soundtracks except for an occasional concert where questions would arise from time to time. Unlike classical music, my other favorite genre, where there can be quite lively discussions about a work of a particular composer, very little discussion has taken place about film composers since I left performing in the band and orchestra growing up and in my college years, the topic of this article.At the age of 12 my father bought my very first stereo and gave me enough money to go to the local record store and purchase two albums. After spending nearly an hour in the store looking, reading, and studying the Schwann Catalog, I purchased Peter Gunn by Henry Mancini and The Hamlet Fantasy Overture coupled with The 1812 Overture both composed by Tchaikovsky and performed by The London Philharmonic conducted by Sir Adrian Boult. I remember buying the mono recordings because I was able to save a total of two dollars over the stereo version. Because of those albums, the encouragement of my parents, and attending a young people’s concert as soon as I enrolled in 7th grade I began to study the trombone, a hobby and interest I pursued through 4 years of college. As much a cult as soundtrack collecting is, it didn’t even approach my love for playing music such as Conquest, Peter Gunn, Gone With The Wind, or The Adventures of Robin Hood. To this day I can remember performing with the other trombones The Perry Mason Theme harmony in our swing band as well as my well-rehearsed trombone solo in Night Train and our very loud brass bars in I’ve Got You Under My Skin, the arrangement that Nelson Riddle did for Frank Sinatra. Many members of the band lived for the next day when we might get a new arrangement to practice. We had become part of the music! Yes I enjoyed listening and attending concerts but playing was everything and couldn’t compare to a recording.

Over time I’ve had the opportunity to listen to Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture 100’s of time and have had the pleasure of attending many live performances. There is one performance however that stands out in my mind. While attending the University of Minnesota we once performed the 1812 Overture with the Minneapolis Symphony (now the Minnesota Orchestra). As they performed on stage in Northrop Auditorium the band formed a circle in the aisles all around the hall and we were extra brass so to speak for the finale. It is one I shall never forget! With that I rest my case.


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  1. jasonhenle Says:

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