Not Without My Daughter/Jerry Goldsmith

October 11, 2008


Based on a true story by Betty Mahmoody, Not Without My Daughter (1991) stars Sally Field in a tale about a husband who takes his wife and daughter to Iran to meet his family only to force them to stay and adopt the ways of Iran. The rest of the story is the eventual escape after 18 months of captivity. The portrayal of the Iranian people was not well received by the country of Iran resulting in a lot of threats of racial profiling. This was also about the time frame of the breaking out of the Gulf War which was yet another strike. Let’s just let the whole scenario go at that as we are talking about the fine Jerry Goldsmith score.

Jerry Goldsmith along with John Williams and Henry Mancini are the most recognizable names in terms of film composers even to the most casual of listeners. Anything that Jerry puts his name on is going to attract a certain amount of attention to an avid collector. There are some in the hobby that would be quite satisfied if they could have every note he ever composed even material Jerry decided was unacceptable while recording a film score. Discarded material could be put in the collectible category. That is how popular Mr. Goldsmith is these days, and his death has enhanced that interest even more. 35 minutes (11 tracks) of the material was released in 1991 on the Intrada label #MAF 7012. This La-La Land Release includes all of the Intrada material with 9 additional cues including a 20-minute orchestral suite never before released, the highlight of the CD in this reviewer’s opinion. The five additional cues not included in the Intrada release are “Mistaken Identity” (0:32), “Street Call” (1:19), “First Break” (0:52), “The Basement” (0:40), and “The Recruiters” (0:55). In addition for the complete collector there is a Chopin prelude, a short rendition of “Joy To The World”, and an unused piano source cue.

Jerry chose to use no brass at all in the score instead making use of the synthesizer, and electronic drums for the underscore, danger, suspense, and action cues. The romantic/heartfelt theme is a good one from Jerry depicting the love and hope from the mother and child. The husband/Iranian theme is also typical Goldsmith especially of the 80’s and 90’s when the electronic elements became so much a part of ‘his’ sound. “No Job” makes a reference to the well-used Russian piece “Volga Boatmen” a 5-note motif known by nearly all before moving into the love theme. The real bonus, well worth the price of the CD, is the 20-minute orchestra only suite performed by the National Philharmonic Orchestra. It includes the major cues without the electronics and is performed in one single track with small pauses between the different parts of the score. This reviewer loves the use of the really sustained long notes of the string section for the suspense portions. While some merely seem to use filler material for underscore Goldsmith thinks out every portion that music is required to make his scores just a little bit better. Yes you can hear a bit of paper shuffling in the longer pauses but it really isn’t a distraction. Look at the suite as one 20-minute movement of a symphony, let your imagination wander a bit and enjoy it for what it is.

If you’re not familiar with but like Jerry Goldsmith this is a definite must to have in your collection. If you’re familiar with or have the Intrada release and like the material you’ll love the bonus of the suite, well worth the price of the CD. If you’re familiar with or have the Intrada release and aren’t excited about the theme then save your money for something else. If you want everything of Jerry’s as described earlier you already have it. Liner notes and mastering are up to the usual good standards especially when the source material is digital to start with. Recommended.

Rating is ****
Produced by Gerhard and Verboys
Performed Sidney Sax conducting the National Philharmonic Orchestra
Orchestrations by Arthur Morton
La-La Land #LLLCD 1075
Track listing

1. The Lake (02:37)

2. Night Stories (01:59)

3. The Promise (01:59)

4. Mistaken Identity (00:32)

5. No Job (03:14)

6. Trapped (02:46)

7. Street Call (01:19)

8. First Break (00:52)

9. Threats (01:30)

10. The Basement (00:40)

11. School’s Out (01:09)

12. Don’t Leave (03:30)

13. The Recruiters (00:55)

14. First Break (04:37)

15. Dry Spell (05:52)

16. The Flag/Back Home (05:43)

17. Piano Source (not used in film) (00:45)

18. Prelude – Chopin (02:29)

19. Joy To The World (00:27)

20. Orchestra Only Suite (20:07)(Never before released)
Total Time is 63:02



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