The Film Music of Phillip Lambro/Lambro

May 11, 2008



Robin Esterhammer of Perseverance Records has released his third and last CD of compositions of Phillip Lambro, a compilation of documentary material and Git his very first soundtrack. Extremely talented in the percussion area, Crypt of the Living Dead is a masterpiece in what you can do. Phillip however, will forever be remembered for the rejected unreleased score to Chinatown which may never become available in legal release but apparently in the underground world of film music there are ways to obtain it.

While one might think Mineral King could have something to do with prospecting (this reviewer did), it actually has to do with Mineral King Valley. The film deals with a failed attempt of the U.S. Forest Service/Walt Disney to build a ski resort which might have resulted in destroying precious virgin enviroment. The film, narrated by Burgess Meredith, had an influence in persuading Congress to make the valley part of Sequoia National Park. The suite is made up of (7) unique tracks with “Mineral King & Trumpet Voluntary” a reprise of the previous 6. The last track is an exercise in percussion with the only the bass drum. The first six tracks consist of a lonely mournful trumpet solo, piano and flute, string ensemble, banjo picking, string ensemble, and harmonica. One does get the feeling of sadness in the end of an era in nature.


Father Pat

, written for the Catholic Family Theater, is even more solemn and somber in nature save for a short Irish piece in “The Lean Years/Arrival in Scranton.” Considering the material it was written for one should not be surprised at the overall religious nature of the piece. Celebration is the shortest of the works included at only 6+ minutes and frankly offers little other than a romantic Italian accordion piece. Done for the United States Information Agency the narration by Ben Gazzara had to be the highlight of the documentary! Not much longer in length than Celebration, Git was certainly a soundtrack to a film that had an extremely low budget, written when synthesizers weren’t around. It features a nice melody on a solo guitar in “Main Theme: No Drums, No Trumpets” repeated in “No Drums, No Trumpets/Interlude with flute carrying the melody along with underscore from strings and a small brass section.

Mineral King

, is by far the most interesting work on this (1000 unit) limited edition release and definitely worth the price of the CD.. It tells a persuasive story without having to see the documentary, something which could be a nature in futility if one attempted to run down a copy. The reprise track will definitely go on my play list! The other three selections are as dull as the films they were written for but perhaps you’ll hear something in the material that escaped me, even though I listened to them at least 10 times. Consider the other three selections bonus material and enjoy Mineral King.

Golden Scores Rating is **1/2

Produced by Lambro and Esterhammer

Recording Engineer is Ivan Fisher

CD# is PRD 021

Track listing

1. Trumpet Voluntary & Westward Expansion (01:58)


2. Vanishing Wilderness (02:07)


3. Fowler’s Rush (01:32)


4. The Old Country Road (01:40)


5. The Early Era (00:35)


6. Miner’s Tune (00:38)


7. Mineral King & Trumpet Voluntary (03:46)


8. The Wilderness Death Knell (01:36)

tracks 1-8 from “MINERAL KING”

9. Main Title (00:45)


10. Pray Today! (01:38)


11. The Lean Years / Arrival In Scranton (02:15)


12. TB, Cure And Commitment To God (03:51)


13. The Rosary Crusade (01:23)


14. The 2nd Vatican Council (01:30)


15. The Immaculate Purpose (00:48)


16. End Title (02:27)

tracks 9-16 from ”FATHER PAT”

17. Main Title (00:58)


18. Distant Land (01:04)


19. San Gennaro Italian Celebration, Bleeker Street New York (02:18)


20. Statement & End Title (02:22)

tracks 17-20 from ”CELEBRATION”

21. Main Theme: No Drums, No Trumpets (02:06)


22. Rock Kills Snake / Boy Meets Girl? Dog Training Session (01:34)


23. No Drums, No Trumpets / Interlude (02:13)


24. Sage & Rock Fight (01:07)


25. Love Theme (01:19)

tracks 21-25 from ”GIT!”

Total Duration: 00:43:30





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