Under The Same Moon/Carlo Siliotto

March 19, 2008


under-the-same-moon.jpgWould you conjure up a certain kind of music about a film that had to do with a mother working illegally in the U.S. while her mother cares for her 9 year old son in Mexico? This reviewer certainly did and was quite surprised to hear that the first track began with a piano solo and accordion music that made this sound like a combination of To Kill A Mockingbird and an outdoor french cafe scene. Certainly there was no hint of any traditional style Mexican/Hispanic in the first track “La Misma Luna” albiet it was a melody that immediately caught my attention, having always enjoyed the simplicity of the Mockingbird theme and the use of the accordion. Directed by newcomer Patricia Riggen, and starring Mario Almada, Adrian Alonso, and Issac Bravo the film does try to make a political point of illegal immigration but certainly not where it affects the story itself. This overall is a heartwarming family story and the music certainly reflects that even though it is not quite what this reviewer was expecting to hear.

Carlo Siliotto’s “La Misma Luna” theme is one that is blended very nicely into the entire score and it is such a nice change to hear a memorable theme that you find yourself humming as you leave the theater. The melody is played by the clarinet, accordion, strings and piano on several of the tracks allowing a different type of feeling depending on which instrument is taking the solo. “La Muerte De La Abuela” is the very first hint in any track that this film is indeed about illegal immigration between the United States and Mexico with a definite south of the border flavor. “El Coche” features some traditional mexican chords on the guitar before it seques into a underscore section. “El Viaje y Enrique” begins with the theme in a style we would expect to hear in this type of film but as the development of the track continues it becomes a lot more heartfelt again featuring the reeds and the delicacy of the piano. “Hay Una Esquina” and “El Sacrificio De Enrique” are underscore tracks with the latter featuring some strong tom-tom type percussion with just a hint of the main theme.

Overall this is a score that is quite light and extremely easy for one to listen to. There is nothing in the way of ear squeeking music that will get in the way of the overall romantic flavor of this score. This is quite different from Carlo’s The Punisher score, which only shows the versatility that these film/television composers must have to survive in the entertainment world today. This is certainly a score that could be enjoyed as just easy to listen to music away from the film, in fact one wouldn’t have to have any knowledge of the type of film at all. If you enjoyed the movie the soundtrack will just be an additional bonus to the experience. As of March 2008, the time of this writing, the Lakeshore records recording is available through the iTunes websites.


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