Miss Austen Regrets/Jennie Muskett

January 13, 2008

jane-austen.jpgJane Austen stories are the most popular romantic novels to grace the silver screen of all time. Miss Austen Regrets, through her diaries and letters tells us the real story as to why she died never having found a husband along with trying to find her niece a husband in the last years of her life. It will be presented on the acclaimed PBS Masterpiece Theater on February 3rd. Directed by Jeremy Lovering it stars Olivia Williams in the role of Jane Austen.

The music is from Jennie Muskett, a relative newcomer at least to this reviewer, although her credits include Material Girls, The Prince and Me, and The State Within among 20 plus.  At the time of this writing there will be no release of a complete soundtrack.

While I was only sent (8) selected cues these were more than enough to wet my appetite for more material from this fine score. “Listen to your Heart”, which appears to be the main theme, begins simply with 8 piano chords, the melody on the piano, backed with first strings and harmony from the other hand on the piano, then the addition of the harp which is first harmony but then takes the melody. The chords are repeated again as is the theme from the piano with a louder swelling from the strings before the 8 chords are repeated for the last time, ending the cue. It is a very effective romantic, yet haunting theme. It is repeated in “…even if it’s not true..” as well as the final track “Listen to your Heart-reprise”. “Corridor of Doubt” uses the piano in a similiar theme with the addition of a guitar. It is less delicate than our main theme but it still is in the overall low key vein of the score. “Fanny’s Wedding” is a slow romantic waltz with piano and strings depicting a positive but extremely formal ceremony.

The best word to describe this score is one of delicacy and reflection. There is no brass or loud noises of any kind. Think about something pastoral from Vaughan Williams and you’ve got the picture. Recommended.


2 Responses to “Miss Austen Regrets/Jennie Muskett”

  1. Chris Says:

    Hi, I was wondering if there is an MP3 version of the “listen to your heart” music from Miss Austen Regrets. I loved that music and would like to purchase it if possible. could you help?


  2. Yequ Says:

    I think you can buy it off itunes. Hope this helps!

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