The Chapman Report/Leonard Rosenman

November 18, 2007


chapman_report_021962.gifThe Chapman Report was introduced when this reviewer was 15 and the subject of sex coupled with high testosterone levels made this a must see film for the teenage crowd of the 60’s. Based very loosely on the Irving Wallace best selling novel which further explored some of the work of Kinsey the film offered an excellent cast of Jane Fonda, Claire Bloom, Shelly Winters, Glynis Johns, and Effrem Zimbalist Jr. With Zanuck producing and George Cukor directing one would think all of the ingredients were in place for a blockbuster. Well, it failed miserably at the box office. The same cannot be said about the fine Leonard Rosenman score. Leonard who bears a striking resemblance to a young Leonard Bernstein, and is not be confused with Laurence Rosenthal, was to go on in Hollywood and win 2 Oscars, 1 Emmy, and be nominated for other film work. He had already introduced 12 tone music to Hollywood in the film for The Cobweb, written fine work for East of Eden, and Rebel Without A Cause and 14 other films. Being a piano teacher of James Dean gave him the opportunity to get his start in Hollywood and while concert work has always been an important part of his life, soundtracks paid the bills for him I suspect.

The opening “Main Title Theme” has the sound and flavor of a QM (Quinn Martin) production program to me. It features driving brass, loud bongos, and a good saxophone solo. The theme is solid, one that will be repeated throughout the film. “Naomi And The Water Man” is a good featuring a seductive reeds steady motif through the track with dissonant brass, sax, and piano. “Sarah’s Theme” is a romantic featuring a good flute solo one quite in style with the Mancini type tracks of the 60’s. You can almost see the hip swaying! Teresa’s Theme is a beatnik one filled with good quality jazz, offbeat and quirky. “Naomi And Musician” is a free form jazz track featuring a nice sax and drum solo with good brass calling from the trombones. The closet thing to a 12 tone atonal track can be found in “Naomi And The Mirror” until it reinstates her theme once again. As a nice bonus the listener is given the themes from his Dean films East of Eden and Rebel Without A Cause albiet they are arranged more for an elevator music album, strictly background material. Yes you can recognize the themes loud and clear but the 101 Strings come to mind if any of you are familiar with their style.

As this is a part of a 2 CD soundtrack, the other offering Sex and the Single Girl has a completely style and type of music. Chapman Report while romantic in spots is essentially jazzy and the other a Hefti composition is in Neal’s light, airy, and bouncy style, a sound he made somewhat famous for himself. While the two don’t mix both are excellent soundtracks and the coupling issue is one the purchaser can easily solve by listening to one or the other. This might just be the soundtrack to introduce yourself to Rosenman if one has no experience with his writing before graduating to material like The Cobweb. Both are nice change of paces to your CD collection!

Golden Score Rating is (***1/2)

Produced by Lukas Kendall

CD# is FSM Vol. 10 No.13

Track Listing

11. Main Title Theme (01:47)

12. Naomi And The Water Man (02:23)

13. Sarah’s Theme (02:26)

14. Teresa’s Theme (02:33)

15. Teresa And Paul (02:17)

16. Sarah Interview (04:26)

17. Naomi Meets Wash (01:34)

18. Naomi And Wash (01:26)

19. Naomi And Musician (02:28)

20. Naomi Interview (03:01)

21. Teresa And Ed (03:17)

22. Naomi And The Mirror (03:34)

23. Main Title Theme (alternate ending) (01:54)

24. Theme From “East of Eden” (02:37)

25. Theme From “Rebel Without A Cause” (03:30)

tracks 11~25 from “The Chapman Report” (total time 39:48)

Total Duration: 01:06:12


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