Lars and the Real Girl/Torn

November 14, 2007


lars_and_real_girl_36319.gifDavid Torn, aka Splattercell, hasn’t had much experience in the film composing field but is quite known as a guitarist, texturist, programmer, and record producer. The only films he has worked on of note are Believe in Me, Friday Night Lights, and The Order and this reviewer is sorry to report that he has had no experience with any of these films. Having said that he has fashioned a quirky soundtrack to Lars And The Real Girl, an MGM release, starring Ryan Gosling. The film deals with Lars Lindstrom a 27 year-old nerd living in anytown (Minnesota?) USA in the midwest, his difficulties with relationships, thus the purchase of a very expensive life like doll and a unique life experience. Don’t just push this film to the bottom of your to see list either. It is filled with humor and touching moments and isn’t about having sex with a doll, something that something that crosses the minds of a few I’m sure. Directed by a relative newcomer to films Craig Gillespie it also features Patricia Clarkson, Paul Schnieder, and Emily


Working with only a 20+ string orchestra plus guitar, accordion, piano and clarinet Torn has fashioned a relatively light Little Miss Sunshine style score offering good interplay between accordion, whistling, voice, clarinet and piano. This score offers some excellent effective orchestrations from Jennifer Hammond, who has worked on 16 films over the last three years. “At The Mall”, the opening track offers the main theme, light and airy, setting the mood for the film. Simply written but a strong melody to be remembered and whistled upon leaving the theater. The same can also be said about “Bowling With Margo” another good theme featuring accordion, piano, and a slow deliberate use of pizzicato from the strings. “Lars is Angry” is yet a third theme, a simple repetitive offering from the piano with strings in the background. “End Credit Suite” is a compilation of the three giving you a nice sampling of the themes before the CD ends with the source material L-O-V-E, a Nat King Cole classic written by Bert Kaempfert. It’s a nice swinging upbeat Ralph Carmichael arrangement and was the last album that Nat recorded. A wonderful way to end this CD!

If you enjoy soundtracks that are light and easy to listen to this is an enjoyable experience. I found that even having it on while working on other projects I was humming the various themes. Available through Milan M2-36319 this is one for you to investigate at the very least.


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