No Reservations/Various

July 22, 2007


Take a woman master chef, a man chef directly below her, a nine year old niece, and a Manhattan restaurant and you have all the ingredients for a good recipe of fun and laughter in the new Warner Brothers film No Reservations set for nationwide release on July 27th. Directed by Scott Hicks (Shine) and starring Catherine Zeta-Jones (Chicago), Aaron Echkart (Thank You For Smoking), and Abigail Breslin (Little Miss Sunshine), the Decca soundtrack is set for release on July 24th.

The soundtrack consists of 14 tracks of which only 3 are original material for the film. “Truffles And Quail” is a quiet upbeat quirky melody performed by a small ensemble. The Conrad Pope composition is primarily turned over to the woodwinds who perform this cartoon material (I’m reminded of a cat) very nicely. “Zoe & Kate Watch Video” and “Zoe Goes To The Restaurant” are Phillip Glass compositions, performed by a small ensemble, conducted by Michael Riesman. They are quite somber in nature, with the piano performing most of the melody and leading the orchestra. If one is familiar with Glass and his style you won’t hear anything new here other than a simple new melody from his pen as it is the same material on both tracks. There are two mambo selections in “Sway” and “Mambo Gelato”, 7 various opera selections including material from Pavarotti and Sutherland. Finally there is an Italian romantic song “Via con me” and a fairly modern song “Count On My Love” from Liz Phair.

Fans of the film and there should be many who will want to relive the film through the music. The soundtrack afficionado might be a bit pressed to get this one as there are only the three original tracks albiet they are good ones.


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