Disturbia/Geoff Zanelli

July 18, 2007


Disturbia in its very first week returned 3 million more than it cost to make and has gone on to gross nearly 95 million dollars at this writing, a nice return from the original 20 million dollar budget. It has done so well that there is already a sequel in the works. Directed by D.J. “Salton Sea” Caruso, the film stars Shia LaBeouf, Sarah Roemer, and David Morse and is essentially a teenage version of Hitchcock’s Rear Window starring Jimmy Stewart and Grace Kelly from the 50’s. Even the poster is remotely similiar with both featuring the main star holding binoculars.

Part of the Hans Zimmer Remote Control Group Geoff spent many years being an additional orchestrator, conductor,arranger, and programmer for quite a large number of films before being given this solo assignment as the composer for a moderate budget film. Some of the films he has been associated with include Antz, Chicken Run, K*19 The Widowmaker,The Last Samurai, and Pearl Harbor.

The score is quite typical for the teenage horror/terror film. As far as the film is concerned Geoff did more than an adequate job in keeping you on your seat during the tense times of the film. There is the dissonant horns, swarming, droning, and shrieking all associated with this type of genre. Mixed in with the score material are 12 songs ranging from Lou Rawls to Nada Surf which are not included in the score release but have been given their own separate CD (Lakeshore LKS 33911). Included in the tracks is “Fishing” a wonderful melody featuring the clarinet and later the cello, a romantic departure from much of the score. This one over any others really seems to be totally out of place. In addition there are tracks such as “PooFoot”, and “I Like to Play” which are rock driven instrumentals featuring good guitar playing and strong rhythm. Included in the liner notes is a complete listing of the orchestra as well as the soloists, and additional orchestration.

This is a score that fans of the film (this is a considerable amount) will enjoy, in fact both the song and score releases. Horror fans will likely have little interest in the song CD but will have some interest in the score one. While there is nothing groundbreaking in the score, it is a notch above the norm and there will be more than enough interest to keep the horror fan satisfied.

Lakeshore LKS 339352

Track Listing:

1. Disturbia (07:02)2. Fishing (03:52)

3. Poofoot (01:15)

4. Voyeurism (02:35)

5. Every Killer Lives Next Door To Someone (03:35)

6. I Like To Play (01:46)

7. Stealth Ronnie (05:10)

8. Walking Ashley Home (02:01)

9. The Club Girl (02:47)

10. Stalking A Killer (07:15)

11. The Basement Graveyard (08:50)

Total Duration: 00:46:08


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