Rocket Post/Clarke and Csanyi-Wills

July 12, 2007

This reviewer is not known for being sentimental, someone who will cry at the drop of a hat. Far from it. However, when I first began listening to the new MovieScore Media release of Rocket Post, the second track “The Islands” really got to me and a tear came to my eye. This is one of the more beautiful melodies (“Distant Shores”) I have heard from any release of newer material in quite a long time. Starting with a beautiful introduction complete with oboe, piano, harp and strings it seques into this breathtaking melody played by first the clarinet and then Celtic Flutes and strings. It is also heard in several other tracks as well as a solo piano performed by co-composer Michael Csanyi-Wills. It is also sung by Mae McKenna in an authentic Scottish accent on the opening and ending tracks. Also included is a bagpipe selection ” From Across the Sea”, some 78 RPM sounding source style music “Sir Ramsay’s Party”, and an authentic sounding Irish jig “Paint Dance”.

Based on a true story about two German scientists who go to a Scottish Isle and work on a project of delivering mail via a rocket. Starring Ulrich Thomsen, Danish film star in the role of Zucher the german scientist and Shauna Macdonald as the love interest, the film has met with delays due to production, the death of the director Stephen Whittaker and who knows what else. The film was given a release in Britain but alas the format is Pal and of this writing there doesn’t seem to be any sort of US release. The scenery from what I read in the IMDB comments is superb, as the film was shot on location in Scotland and the whole pre World War II idea of two german scientists developing a rocket to send mail seemed quite intriguing to me.

Mikael, owner of MovieScore Media, has yet again come up with new composers and film for us to explore. The duo of Clarke and Csanyi-Wills seem to work together as a team. While I have yet to see any other film they have scored there are others including The Thief Lord, and The Little Vampire. It is performed quite nicely by The Royal Philharmonic of Scotland. In the past Mikael’s releases were only available as a download but now they are available through SAE (link below to order) and other speciality dealers. This is one to check out!

Track listing

1. Distant Shores (04:47)

vocal – Mae McKenna

2. The Islands (02:09)

3. Catherine’s Visit (02:11)

4. Betrayal (03:55)

5. Impressions (01:55)

6. Betrothed (01:52)

7. Heart Broken (02:23)

8. Building The Rocket (01:44)

9. First Love (01:32)

10. Kiss (02:46)

11. From Across The Sea (01:37)

12. Whales Rescue (04:09)

13. Sir Ramsay’s Party (01:13)

14. Failure (01:40)

15. First Flight (02:55)

16. Heinz’s Threat (02:08)

17. Paint Dance (01:01)

18. Zucker’s Death (03:31)

19. Together & Distant Shores (05:20)

Total Duration: 00:48:48


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