Hang ‘Em High/Frontiere First Listen

July 6, 2007


Very well known for his outstanding work on the television series The Outer Limits, Dominic Frontiere has quite a cult following both with science fiction lovers as well as soundtrack collectors. Among the huge fans are MV Gerhard, owner of La-La Land Records who has seen to the releases of Brannigan, A Name For Evil, and now Hang ‘Em High coupled with The Aviator and Barquero.

Hang ‘Em High was the first of the Hollywood westerns to pattern itself after the Italian “spaghetti” westerns as well as being the first film of the now famous Malpaso production company run by Clint Eastwood. The main theme has the flavor of a Morricone tune, complete with harmonica, but still has the sound of a Frontiere composition. The love theme (“Rachel”) is a lush wonderful “Younger Than Springtime” style melody, almost out of place in this violent western tale. This is a remaster of the United Artist LP UAS-5179 without any additional material, roughly 29 minutes in length.

Aviator, was previously released on Varese Sarabande STV 81240 (LP), and again seems to be a good transfer to the CD format. The main theme (“Here We Go”) will surprise you as a wonderful “Superman” like theme with a beginning that sounds like a fanfare to a new studio! There is plenty of great underscore including tense action, rag piano music, and fantasy adventure, all with the Frontiere touch.

Barquero, gets its first material release albiet two tracks one of which is in mono. The Lee Van Cleef film is yet another variation of the Italian spaghetti western from Hollywood. It is a good theme and worthy to be added to a soundtrack collection especially if your into the western genre.

#53 in the La-La Land collection is a good one and a nice addition to your collection and very special if you are a fan of Dominic Frontiere.


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