Long, Long Trailer & Forever, Darling/Deutsch & Kaper

May 26, 2007


Nostalgia is the keyword when writing and talking about these scores and yikes it certainly brings back some wonderful memories to this 59 year old reviewer! While many of you have seen I Love Lucy episodes as reruns, this reviewer admits to watching them when they weren’t! Both films were done during the peak of popularity of the show and will have an instant appeal to anyone who has any interest in the television show, Lucille Ball, or Desi Arnaz. The Long ,Long Trailer was a 1954 film which also co-starred Keenan Wynn and Marjorie “Ma Kettle” Main and was directed by Vincente Minnelli, father of Liza and husband of Judy Garland. The mere pulling of a long trailer is the only prop that Ball and Arnaz need to make for a hilarious episode of what not to do! Critics and audiences loved the film and to this day audiences love the antics of Lucy and Ricky. In fact the only thing missing in the film were Fred and Ethel from their famous I Love Lucy show.Adolph based the score around the 1926 song “Breezin Along With the Breeze” by Haven Gillespie, Seymour Simons, and Richard Whiting. Included is a really a very nice rendition of the “Breezin” theme sung by Lucy and Desi. My suspicions are that Deutsch slightly altered a few of the words to make it fit the trailer theme. In fact I was quite surprised at the voice she had and at first failed to recognize who it was! Later on I learned that the horrible singing that she did in other performances was actually quite difficult to do ie it takes a trained voice to sing so badly. The theme appears as a dance band arrangement, a mickey-mousing technique for the comedy, as a love song, and of course the main theme. When called for Adolph uses strains of “Here Comes The Bride” and “Rock-a-Bye Baby”. “Waltz For Esther”, “Trailer Bounce/Trailer March”, “Wedding Reception” are all original cues from Deutsch for the trailer shopping and wedding reception. “Caesar Salad…” vocal by Desi and lyrics by Minnelli, Alexander, and Deutsch is a clever number to the strain of “La Cucaracha”. While the entire score is a scant 25 minutes Deutsch put together something that fit the film quite well.

In 1956 Forever, Darling, the second of their big screen pictures was released this time with James Mason as a guardian angel sent to earth to save their marriage. Arnaz was the producer (Zanra productions is Arnaz spelled backward) using the Desilu studios home of the successful I Love Lucy television series. While Desi delivered in terms of budget and time, the film didn’t do well with either audiences or reviewers. Bronislau Kaper was given the assignment and produced a fine main theme with lyrics by the veteran Sammy Cahn. It was sung by the Ames Brothers with the Hugo Winterhalter orchestra for RCA and actually reached the top 40 charts (#38) in April of 1956. Part of the quartet was Ed Ames who was Mingo on The Daniel Boone Show and also was part of one of the funniest Johnny Carson skits in the history of television with his tomahawk throwing demonstration. Apparently the song was heavily promoted because Desi also recorded it for MGM. Both versions are presented on this CD. Like The Long, Long Trailer the main theme is the basis for the majority of the score being performed in a number of different styles. While it recurs in several tracks so does the angel theme that Bronsilau created when the angel appears and can be seen by Susan (Lucy). Some of the tracks Kaper resorted to using mickey-mousing techniques to underscore some of the great humor that Lucy gives us. As is usually the case Lukas manages to find all of the different variations, unused cues, and source material used in the film. He also does a nice job with the liner notes, providing us with all of the necessary information.

This is not a score that is necessarily going to bowl you over as some undiscovered rare gem. The word nostalgia as explained earlier in the review is the reason why you would enjoy the scores to both of these movies! Enjoy.

Golden Scores Rating (***)

Album Produced by Lukas Kendall

Film Score Monthly FSM Vol. 10 #3

Mastering by Doug Schwarz

Track listing1. Main Title (02:29)

2. Just Thinking/Trailer Show (01:29)

3. Waltz for Esther (01:01)

4. Trailer Bounce/Trailer March (02:20)

5. Wedding Reception/Departure/Miles and Miles (03:45)

6. Office Radio (01:06)

7. Big Help/Sleeping Pill/We Got Wheels/Deep Freeze (02:17)

8. Breezin’ Along With the Breeze/Breezing Montage (03:27)

(Vocals by Desi Arnaz and Lucille Ball)

9. Caesar Salad/My Compliments/Martha/Marie/Heads Will Roll/Recipe/Conga (04:18)

(Vocals by Desi Arnaz)

10. Piccalilly/Map/Ultimatum/Hiding the Rocks (01:33)

11. End Title and Cast (00:46)

(1-11 from “The Long, Long Trailer” by Adolph Deutsch, 1954)

12. Main Title Intro/Forever, Darling/Knot Is Tied/Two Months Later/Two Years Later/Five Years Later (06:11)

13. Millie & Henry/Angel/Mirror (01:44)

14. I Keep Remembering/Bridge (02:33)

15. Ice Bag/Ava Gardner/Laura Evans (03:00)

16. Fair (01:00)

17. Elephant/Panther/Let Me Go/Halloween (04:45)

18. Baby/Mountain Goat (02:47)

19. Don’t Worry/Ten After Seven (02:10)

20. Rope/Fishing (03:20)

21. Forever, Darling (02:24)

(Vocal by Desi Arnaz)

22. Ring (01:29)

23. Zipper (02:36)

24. Rowing/Abandon Ship (01:47)

25. Sad/Pots (01:01)

26. I Quit (01:43)

27. I Dun’t/Forever, Darling/End Cast (01:58)

(12-27 from “Forever, Darling” by Bronislau Kaper, 1956)

28. Forever, Darling Outtakes Suite (04:10)

29. Forever, Darling (02:43)

(Performed by Desi Arnaz and His Orchestra)

30. The Straw Hat Song (02:42)

(Performed by Desi Arnaz and His Orchestra)

31. Breezin’ Along With the Breeze/Breezing Montage (alternate) (03:54)

(28-31 bonus tracks)

Total Duration: 01:18:28

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