March 24, 2007


George Shaw, composer of Marcus, doesn’t look like a surfer or snowboard dude although this is one of his hobbies. In the same vein he doesn’t compose like one either. I don’t care about the fact that he secretly wants to be a rock star either! He is an excellent composer and if this reviewer has any say so in what he does he will remain one, save one difference. He can handle bigger blockbuster films if given the opportunity.

Marcus, is the 18th release of Movie Score Media, coinciding with the DVD release on Warner Bros. It is yet another low budget horror film, this one taking place at Christmas time and dealing with a night of terror and violence against a man trying to reconcile with his estranged sister. No comments on the movie as this is one film that I will likely never see. But the music is another story. The opening track, “The Main Titles”, begins simply with a wonderful musical box theme and piano which seques into the strings repeating the melody with very nice harmony. It then offers a solo violin with the music box theme. “Brooke I’m Home” features the melody again except this time it is featured on the flute. “Blood Bath” offers up some string like danger chords not unlike what Pino Donaggio has done in the past. “Brooke Comes To” offers some of that good old fashion dramatic Herrmann like harmony with a dissonant horn or two to put you on the edge of your seat. All modern horror scores have to have some of the swarming bee strings and this one is no exception with “Stabben In the Neck”. Fortunately its only one track and the following cues “Nose Bleed”, “First Punch”, and “Seizure” return to a more Exorcist style of music. “Carol of Death” is in reality the well known Christmas song “Silver Bells”. It starts out sounding like yet another version of the song with a small female chorus sung well enough but pretty mundane. But as the entire 4+ minute track unfolds his orchestration turns it into something that reveals a bit more of his true signature which makes the cue an interesting one, worthy of a place on a compilation CD.

The remaining (6) tracks feature selections from other films that George has worked on. Lochness Monster, is a typical Irish sounding theme with flute and oboe solos. In fact, from the one track, you’d never know it had much to do with a monster movie save the title. The theme isn’t nearly as strong as Marcus but it is still strong enough to come through as a melody one might remember. Chandler Hall is a short but sweet somber small string orchestra piece. Revengers is a 6+ minute suite with a far eastern style, music to yet another film that is unknown to me. Rounding out the recording are short selections from Spew, Under Pressure, and The Taking.

Doing a little research on IMDB revealed that the budget to Marcus was a mere 100,000. The score sounds like one that was done to a multi million dollar film! The other (6) selections are a nice addition as they reveal more about this fresh young composer who was introduced to us by Carlsson and his company or this reviewer would have never been aware of his existence. He is well worth checking out! Recommended. As with any of Mikael produced releases, you can find them at available as a high quality download complete with artwork for a modest price. Take a moment to visit Shaw’s website too. George has a couple of other CD’s available.

Track listing

1. Main Titles (02:32)

2. Brooke, I’m Home (02:26)

3. Bloodbath (02:08)

4. Brooke Comes To (02:18)

5. Stabbed in the Neck (02:03)

6. Nose Bleed (00:54)

7. First Punch (01:03)

8. Seizure (02:42)

9. Carol of Death (04:38)

Tracks 1-9 : Score From “Marcus”

10. Theme From The Loch Ness Monster (02:22)

11. Epilogue From Spew (01:33)

12. A Bad Man Did a Terrible Thing (From Under Pressure) (01:57)

13. Suite From Revengers (06:19)

14. In Serious Trouble (From Chandler Hall) (02:12)

15. Ending Title From The Taking (05:03)

Total Duration: 00:40:10

Track listing


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