Chicago 10/Danna

January 20, 2007


Chicago 10, a documentary/animation film about the anti-war protests during the 1968 Democratic Convention and the subsequent trials, opens the 2007 Sundance Film Festival. Combining actual news footage along with the animation techniques and trial transcripts read by such notables as Nick Nolte, the Brett Morgen directed/written film offers something unique and quite different.

Jeff Danna, talented composer of The Gospel of John, offers a variety of different styles of music for this film. The 24 minute demo cd offers a bouncy cartoon comedic opening “Abbey’s on the Phone” with the piano leading the way with the melody and reeds and accordion, complementing the theme. “Tuesday Night” gets a whole lot more serious with anticipation of things to come. “No March Today” is a track of waiting, solemn almost elegaic in nature. “Wednesday Night”, another underscore track, uses the pipes selectively to emphasis further the seriousness of the situation. “Monday Night” begins with a dissonant low key piano followed the piano picking up the development of the sonata piece with frantic melody and harmony. “Rally at the Bandshell” picks up the melody again from “Tuesday Night” and “Lakevilla” concludes the work with a stern solemn serious message.

While I am not sure of the exact circumstances film wise of “Abbey’s On The Phone” it is a great quirky tune that I am going to remember for a period of time. Let’s give a hand and a encore to the Danna brothers for their fine work! First Mycheal Danna and his sleeper hit of the year for 2006 with Little Miss Sunshine and now a very nice followup for 2007 with Chicago 10 by Jeff. Sooner or later there has to be some Oscar buzz for this talented dynamic duo!

A word of caution please! This demo, courtesy of Tom at Costa Communications, is just that a demo. There may or may not be an official release of the material. Given the uniqueness and topic matter of the material in the documentary/film my guess is that there will be a release down the road. River Road entertainment, the production company, also did Brokeback Mountain and Prairie Home Companion, both of which had releases, so let’s keep our fingers crossed.

Track Listing:

1. Abbey’s on the Phone

2. Tuesday Night

3. No March Today

4. Wednesday Night

5. Monday Night

6. March for Haden

7. Rally at the Bandshell

8. Lakevilla

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