The Dark/Butt

December 6, 2006


Released in 2005 in England, Netherlands, and Germany The Dark has the distinction of being the first film to be based on the Welsh mythology “Annwn” which is the land of the dead. As of this writing it has never been released in the US in either the theater or DVD. Both the composer and the director John Fawcett are quite well known in television circles having worked together on Bon Voyage. In fact, Edmund is going back to work on television for David E. Kelley of Boston Legal fame on a new series called Life on Mars, scheduled for release in 2007. No its not about life on Mars but a detective being thrown back in time to the 70’s.

“The Dark”, or the main theme begins with an eerie statement of slightly off key strings being answered by the horns playing two stoic notes over and over leading us to the theme hummed by a child (s) voice and then the very solid 4 note motif played first by the brass section and then the strings. It is the best track on this release and one that you will remember after a listen or two to this soundtrack as it is repeated throughout the score several times. Are there some quiet moments? Try “Father and Daughter” for its serenity. Except for the whining the last few seconds (some sort of danger signal) it is quite peaceful in its approach. Are there some loud droning violins, haunting voices, weird sound effects, distorted brass chords, yup. A typical modern sounding horror score. There seems to be some sort of unwritten formula and many of them follow the same template and this one for part of the soundtrack at least does the same thing. Listen to “Torture” and that is exactly what this reviewer had to go through! But, mixed in amongst all of this there are the tracks described above and the last track a well above average underscore one called “Can You Be My Daddy?”. The serious training Edmund had shows through with a somewhat classical style conclusion to a tone poem. Something with a little bit of substance to it.

This is issue #13 for Mikael Carlsson/Movie Score Media and as stated previously these are only available through itunes downloading. This allows us to hear and enjoy (hopefully) many lesser known composers who might otherwise never have the opportunity to be released. As an example, checking the very extensive data base at soundtrack collector showed that this was the first listing of a release that Edmund had. Without this opportunity the material would slip through the cracks. Please support this concept as much as possible. If you are a fan of horror scores this is an excellent release for you. If you are a soundtrack fan there are enough interesting tracks to make it worthwhile for you. Check it out.


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