October 24, 2006

This is yet another remake of a film, this time the (1943) My Friend Flicka which starred Roddy McDowall. This time we substitute a girl (Alison Lohman) and include country western star Tim McGraw and tell the story of the taming of a wild horse. While it sounds like a perfect venue for Disney its a 20th Century Fox production directed by Michael “A Home At The End Of The World” Mayer. And just to set the record straight there will be two soundtrack releases. One will be a song CD released on the Curb Entertainment label and will feature popular country western songs. Listed below is a track listing to the songs included on the CD.

1. 4:35 AM – Gemma Hayes

2. ALIVE – Becki Ryan

3. THE THINGS WE DON’T – Watertown

4. CATCH THE WIND – Donovan

5. WILD HORSES – Natasha Bedingfield

6. WEIGHT OF THE WORLD – Chantal Kreviazuk

7. THE FIREMAN – The Dancehall Doctors (live film version)

8. WHERE DID I GO RIGHT – The Warren Brothers

9. RODEO ROAD – Holly Williams

10. MY LITTLE GIRL – Tim McGraw


The other is a score CD written by Aaron Zigman who came to the attention of many soundtrack listeners with his music from the film The Notebook, the recently completed Akeelah and the Bee, 10th and Wolf, Take the Lead, and Alpha Dog. As a classically trained pianist and having done a 35 minute tone poem for the departed Itzhak Rabin as a tribute, Aaron seems right at home with a more expansive score for this western based film. While the press release makes reference to the fact it is reminscent of “The Magnificent Seven”, a statement a little bit off, it still is an excellent piece filled with a pretty darn good main theme. The “Main Title” has a very nice slow buildup starting with a horn in the background supported by strings, a solo clarinet for a moment or two and then the theme played by the entire orchestra including some guitar harmony and we are off and running! “The Stampede” is a great track featuring a wonderful orchestral arrangement (the entire orchestra gets involved). It starts with Zigman on piano with a Newman style riff, add a little songless choir, stir in some fiddling violins with guitars, which leads into a big bold loud wonderful western horse chasing cue. Excellent excellent cue! Put this on in the morning if you are a little sleepy and want to wake up without the benefit of any coffee! While “Herd Overlook” is a reminder (similiar kind of sound and feel) to “Emperor’s Club” from Howard it also has that great western music. The kind of music that you can put on in your truck on the freeway (open) and feel like you could just drive forever and listen to the score!

The delicacy of the piano touch (Debussy would approve), just enough guitar to give it a bit more western flavor makes this score one that you should seek out. But remember there are two different ones and the song CD doesn’t have any of the score and vice versa. There is a link to Varese, the distributor to place an order for it. Recommended.


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