Pulse/Elia Cmiral

September 2, 2006


As of August 28th the box office sales of the Jim Sonzero directed film “Pulse” had nearly recovered what it cost to make the film. In two weeks it had already grossed over 18 million dollars. This means it will make money for Weinstein film production group since this will likely be a popular rental title and it is still showing on many screens throughout the US. Keep in mind that this film is targeted for the older teenage age group and apparently they achieved some success with their target market. The Wes Craven tie in was probably an influence in getting some to see the film. As I understand this was a project that Wes was once slated to direct, backed out early on, but still kept his name involved as one of the co-screenwriters.

The three popular music tracks from Intercooler, Overnight Lows, and Los Amigos Invisibles seem interesting enough for the younger generation to have some interest in. Heh you can understand the lyrics and there seems to be enough of a beat and a rhythm that there not too bad to listen to. Not my cup of tea but then again my ears aren’t 18 years old anymore. If you wish you can go to the Lakeshore web-site and download whatever tracks you want. The score to the film is quite typical of what you would hear from this style of modern horror film. The putting of it together was quite interesting given that the composer was in his Los Angeles studio and the orchestra was in Prague. However, it should be noted that the Prague Orchestra was conducted by someone other than Elia Cmiral or the entire process would have likely been way too impersonal for my taste. However, look to see more of this type of recording in the future. Like it or not it was very likely a budget issue and the type of material written for this film consists of tracks of percussion programs, synths, choir, and sound effects. Some tracks are nothing more than a string tone with the appropriate amount of special effects. Many comments have really been quite cruel. Demetris, editor of score magacine, called it “Electronic Drone.” Ryan at Klaatumedia said: “What a waste of ear time.” John Broxton, editor of Movie Music UK, said: “Pulse is just awful.” Southall, editor of Movie Wave Film Music, is quoted “I found V for Vendetta very dull as well, but even so, Pulse is something that V for Vendetta could scrape off the bottom of its shoe.” These are quite harsh opinions. If you are a Wes Craven or horror fan you will likely want to have this score for your collection. If you are the target market and found this is a good film, it is one for your collection as you will enjoy the tracks as they relate to the scary scenes etc. If you have any interest at all in “Goodness of the Girl”, “Delay The Wait”, and “Esto Es Lo Que Hay”, the popular pop additions to the soundtrack, you will likely at the very least go to Lakeshore or iTunes and download them.

The mixing, recording, mastering are just fine. This use of this ISDN to the Czech Republic and all of the laying down of additional tracks seemed to be an interesting concept. Again relunctantly admitting who the target market is I can understand the omission of any liner notes and track times. The artwork/movie poster cover is really on the cool side with all of the hands etc.

One of the things that I always need to remember is why something is written the way it is thus my tagline of “some music I just don’t understand” comes into play. Even though I am comfortable with the older material it is very important that I give all music a fair opportunity. There is nothing wrong with teaching an old dog new tricks! And while many of you won’t enjoy this very much at all, the horror market will enjoy the material and want it for their collection.


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