Supernatural/Christopher Lennertz

August 19, 2006


Christopher Lennertz has got to be put into the category of an up and coming modern age soundtrack composer! As young man in his early thirties, he has already amassed 47 different projects to his credit, ranging from “Medal of Honor: Rising Sun” a Steven Spielberg video game, to the Fox television show “Brimstone”, to a to be released film “Tortilla Heaven.” “Supernatural”, a WB television show has earned Chris an Emmy nomination. The show, created by Eric Kripke, who Chris went to film school with at USC, deals with the paranormal on a regular basis, as two brothers try to determine what happened to their parents. Hopefully, with an Emmy in hand, Chris will get a full release of this soundtrack and begin to receive some long overdue recognition due him. To my knowledge the following link which is the soundtrack to “Saint Sinner” is the only official release of any material Chris has done His score to “Medal of Honor European Assault” is available only as a download from apple itunes.

The 43+ minute 25 track score starts off very very slowly with “And So It Begins…” a soft Debussy touch piano and then its bang zoom into the terror of moment. And I mean turn your volume down on your stereo! This track has dynamic range. On the otherhand, “The Library” starts off with a slightly ominous sound but quickly moves to a nice piano theme with a constant rhythm with the left hand. The steady beat of the same chord is a prelude of something to come very soon. Chris has definitely written a really nice diverse and interesting series of cues ranging from some middle eastern, hard rock, tension, a little Thomas Newman style piano chords, and anticipation of evil to come. Yes there are the shrieking strings from time to time. Would there not be something missing if a composer didn’t include a little bit? The softer and quieter cues such as “Dad Is Alive” are a lot more to my liking. In fact it would have surprised me that it came from a television series such as this one until right at the end when it concludes with a loud bang which startled me for a second the first time I listened to it obviously the point of the whole cue was to lull me into a sense of false security and then wack me good!

Since this is a demo recording there is no information on the orchestra, recording or mixing to report on. Hopefully, it will win an Emmy and a release. Anyone who has a serious interest in the series itself is going to want this score. I truly wish that I could speak from more experience as far as the series is concerned but it is something I have not seen nor have I talked to anyone who has.

If you are not a fan of the series but enjoy Christopher’s music this is yet another addition to his game scores in the Medal of Honor series and “Saint Sinner.” And with the release hopefully of “Tortilla Heaven” in the near future it will lead to even more exciting assignments for Chris in the future. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that this score will be released in the very near future so that you may also enjoy it.


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