Sunset Boulevard/Waxman 2

April 6, 2006

We had the discussion last night about the film and the music and all went very well.  There was quite a little bit of talk about the men protecting her until of course she became completely out of control at the end.  Did DeMille help or hurt her?  Interesting question that I never pondered before.  Doing the research of 1950 films I did discover that the film had nominations for actor, actress, supporting actor, and supporting actress and came up empty.  All About Eve had all (4) actresses nominated and came up with nothing.  While the film is certainly placed higher in polls than Eve, it still only garnished (2) Oscars for screenplay and film score.  Playing part of the main "paramount news reel" theme from Gerhardt, OST, and McNeely I was able to point out to all why the OST was better even though it was mono.  One person actually wanted to purchase the soundtrack which gives hope to my small hobby.  A couple of conclusions that we all came to were no talking during the scenes I selected all to see.  Discussion would be afterward.  And try to find a little darker area to do the viewing.  I was surprised that many people didn't recognize Jack Webb, as he was quite a bit younger and dressed completely different than he was in Dragnet.  The silent stars or the "waxworks" were a surprise to some and all were surprised over Livingston and Evans except for Marilyn.  We all agreed that this Wilder classic was a top 25 film.  I will have to do a column on this entire experience especially the music part.


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