Great Film Fantasies

March 31, 2006

Most film compilations have a target audience that is completely different from the soundtrack enthusiast/collector.  This latest release from Telarc is a good example of why they would be disappointed.  The market for this kind of recording is Borders or Barnes and Noble bookstores in the US.  I was discussing this score with a fellow collector and he was going on and on about how many different things were wrong with playing, arranging, and orchestrations of Star Wars, Harry Potter, and Lord of the Rings.  I kept pointing out to him that the people who buy this will think it is wonderful and will cherish the fact that they are getting everything on one cd instead of having to purchase all of them separately!  It is not designed to replace the OST and is not meant to sound like it.  These suites could be performed at a later date in a tour and are as such designed for a concert hall setting.  John Williams very likely did most of the suite arranging as no credit was given to anyone else except for one track.  While I am just as particular when it comes to something like Sunset Boulevard, I am still very impressed with the Gerhardt/National Philharmonic recordings of the main title.  I cannot emphasize enough that if you are a serious collector this is just an introduction to the basic themes contained within the vast array of OST material available.  To the casual listener, who this recording is meant for, it is a truly wonderful listening experience.  Erich Kunzel has not only picked up where Arthur Fiedler and John Williams left off with the Boston Pops but taken it to an even higher level!  For those who are interested in this fine recording here is a link where you can order direct.

 Also be sure to check out Erik Woods and his radio program in the near future which will feature this CD recording as well as other fine film music.


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