Caine Mutiny/Max Steiner

March 29, 2006

Having just viewed this film again for a possible one to watch as part of our film discussion group at the library I have always been quite amazed at the cost of obtaining a copy of the soundtrack!  You would think that someone would want to release the soundtrack.  I believe it did garner an Oscar nomination.  It is one that nicely add to the evergrowing collection of Max Steiner soundtracks available.  For the present I do have the RCA/Gerhardt/Bogart compilation which does feature the main title and I suspect it will have to do for the present.  One of the more interesting bits of trivia on this film is the actor Van Johnson had the distinction of appearing in two of the worst sea storms Hollywood has done.  This film and also Plymouth Adventure with Spencer Tracy.


One Response to “Caine Mutiny/Max Steiner”

  1. Ray Faiola Says:

    THE CAINE MUTINY Soundtrack is one of the most aggravating situations – not because the album itself was withdrawn but because the album released was such a disappointment to fans of the score.

    The Caine Mutiny Soundtrack album featured only a few moments of music from the scoring sessions and even those segued into material from the composite soundtrack. The entire album was a condensation of the film itself. The entire 2nd side was devoted to the court-martial sequence.

    Only a promotional 45rpm single featured an unmarred Main Title on side A; and a recorded arrangement of “I Can’t Believe That You’re In Love With Me” on side B.

    The original pressbook for the film contained a half-page feature on the soundtrack album. However, when the pressbooks were sent to theaters they included an insert stating that “the soundtrack LP described on page 12 has been withdrawn.”

    While a CAINE MUTINY score release will have to wait for a new recording (no original materials survive), hopefully our BATTLE CRY release has provided a temporary respite for fans of Max’s military musical proficiency.

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