The Heiress/Copland

March 24, 2006

Well, here we go again!  This film is so well thought of that they have yet offer it on a DVD.  To my knowledge the only choice you have today is a VHS tape.  Of course it has won Oscars so that must be the reason why it has not been remastered yet.  I wonder what it is about scores of Aaron Copland.  This one achieved the Oscar and the best they can come up with is an 8 minute suite, reconstructed by Arnold Freed.  It was given its “world premiere recording” in 1994.  I wonder why they waited 45 years.  Must be that it won an Oscar also!  The recording is good from RCA/Slatkin/St. Louis Symphony.  It also includes The Red Pony, Our Town, Music for Movies, and Prarie Journal.  Wyler, the director for Heiress, disturbed the prelude Copland had written which he likely should not have fooled.  William got it correct with the Friedhofer/Best Years Of Our Lives score but not this one.  Away from Hollywood the man is so respected for the music he produced.  But leave it to Hollywood to get everything all messed up.  Oh wait I forgot that it is all about money and there must not be any in this kind of thing.


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